Why Rarotonga?

I truly don’t know, I just knew. I followed my intuition. Spiritual or not, religious or not, guided or not, sometimes you just have to listen to that voice – the one you can’t hear…that has no sound…the most silent yet the most powerful voice of all. The things we regret the most are the … More Why Rarotonga?

Saying Goodbye

It was exhausting, emotional and dare I say it…. kind of exciting, it meant we were doing this! We were packed and ready to go. Some were angry, others were happy for us and most were just so sad. I constantly reminded myself why we were doing this. Did I have to tell people – … More Saying Goodbye

Settling in

There was SO much to organise and I couldn’t do any of it online! We didn’t just travel over the international date line back in time 23 hours, we travelled back 23 years……   You actually have to go into each business that runs facilities and sign up – in person – and pay a … More Settling in

Adapting children

I’m surprised how well the kids have adapted so far, but there are things I did to make it easier for them. How to help your kids move country is a great article that covers all the bases from breaking the news, to when you arrive. When you move countries with children you have literally … More Adapting children

The good and bad

What I love so far: Limited choices. When we go shopping there’s one type of apple. One choice of muesli. We are happy with what we have and far less frustrated. Sleep and relaxation. I feel like I’m catching up on years of sleep deprivation. There’s just no pressure here. No billboards. No temptation to … More The good and bad